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Course Descriptions

Grade 6
The sixth grade science curriculum focuses on life science. Through hands on, inquiry-based investigations students will explore cells, microscopes, characteristics of living things, genetics, and human body systems. Some of these concepts are introduced in a kit-based integrated system that enhances learning in writing, reading, computing, and other basic skills. Students will utilize the tools and technologies of science by applying them to collect data, make qualitative and quantitative observations, record and analyze results, and draw logical conclusions.
Grade 7
Seventh grade science is a hands on lab course which uses a kit based program titled "Catastrophic Events". The main focus of the kit is Earth Science. The Earth science topics explored are weather, tectonic plate movement, and volcanic activity with the resulting effects on the Earth's surface. Additionally, students actively review prevouis years topics in science with an integrated review program focusing on writing as well as science concepts.
Grade 8
Eighth grade science is an integrated course that is comprised of two major content areas involving physical science and earth science. The physical science concepts focus primarily on the physical and chemical properties of matter. Topics will include mass, volume, density, heat, solubility and chemical interactions. These concepts are integrated with an inquiry-based, hands on approach to explore these concepts as laboratory investigations through the Property of Matter kit. The earth science concepts focus primarily on astronomy by studying the moon, the solar system and star relationships. Emphasis is placed on writing and reading literacy, as well as reviewing previous learned science concepts.