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Summer Reading

June 2020

Dear Scituate Middle School Families:

As we come to the end of our virtual learning for the school year, we are encouraging students to read at least three books this summer. Selections should be books they have not previously read. Students may take notes on their books if they find it helpful to keep track of their reading (Post-its are great for quick notes). 

Helpful hints for selecting books:

  1. Encourage your child to select books appropriate for both interest and ability. Our goal is to foster an appreciation of reading—we do not want students to be frustrated. For struggling or reluctant readers, several lower level, high interest books are more beneficial than one difficult book.  
  2. Use the “Five Finger Rule”—if your child finds five unfamiliar words on any randomly chosen page, the book is not appropriate at this time.
  3. Once your child finds a book he or she enjoys, search for books by the same author or with similar content.
  4. Audiobooks are encouraged to support students as they read along in the book.

Thank you for helping to support reading and learning as year-long activities. 


Rebecca Limoges

English Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator