We Believe That:

1. All students can learn;
2. Education accommodates and supports the diverse needs of students and adults as all people have unique talents and abilities;
3. Helping students strive for their personal best is the shared responsibility of home, school, and community;
4. School provides all students access to explore a variety of both curricular and extracurricular opportunities;
5. School prepares students to be creative independent thinkers, problem solvers, inquisitive life-long learners, and effective communicators;
6. School empowers and encourages students to be responsible citizens and productive and collaborative workers in a technological, changing global society and economy;
7. Schools must be a safe, secure, nurturing learning environment which responds to changing educational needs;
8. All interactions within the educational community are conducted with dignity and mutual respect;
9. All students are encouraged to practice a healthy lifestyle - mentally, physically, and socially;
10. We, as a community, are obligated to support our educational mission.