Philosophy/Mission Statement

The School Library Media Center should be perceived as a welcoming, helpful and stimulating facility for the intellectual and personal pleasure of students, teachers, parents and other community members.

The Library Media Center is an integral part of the school's educational program. Library resources offer equal opportunities to all students and provide materials and resources, both print and non-print, to meet their varied needs. Further, the Library Media Center's collection supports all curricula as well as provides for personal growth and development.

The Library staff works with teachers in the selection and use of all types of library materials that contribute to the teaching program.

The Library serves children from ages 12 through 18+ and has many books on a variety of topics. Parents are encouraged to be aware of what their child is reading and to discuss subject matter with their children.



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Library Hours

Library Staff

Monday - Thursday: 7:45AM to 3:18PM

Friday: 7:45AM to 2:30PM

Telephone: (401) 647-4120 ext. 2306

Fax: (401) 647-4126

Ms. Greer Monaghan, Librarian